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The International scientific conference:
"The historical legacy of medieval scholars and thinkers of the East, its role and importance for modern civilization"
15-16 May 2014, Samarkand

Scientific Director of the Paul Stradin Museum of the History of Medicine of the University of Riga: Abu Ali ibn Sino - single ideal for all physicians on our planet - As known, on May 15-16, 2014 Samarkand will host the International Conference “Historical heritage of the scientists and philosophers of the medieval East, its role and importance for the modern civilization”.

Shihab ad-din Abdallah b. Lutfallah b. Abd ar-Rashid al-Haravi nicknamed as Hafiz-i Abru (died in 1430) (died in 1430) - A well-known historian and geographer of the epoch of the Temurids and Amir Temur. Hafiz-i Abru was born and lived in Herat. He worked as a secretary of Amir Temur and participated in his crusades.

Muhammad b. Najib Bahran (12-13 centuries) - A well-known geographer in the government of Annushteginid Khorezm-Shahs. Muhammad b. Najib Bahram is a citizen of Tusa town (currently Iran); the main part of his scientific investigation is referred to Nishapura town and the capital of the country Annushteginid Khorezm-Shahs – Gurganja.

Great physician Jurjani Ismail (1042, Jurjan - 1136, Merv) - Zaynaddin Abul-Husayn ibn Fazail Ismail al-Jurjani al-Khwarizmi, commonly known under the name Hakim Jurjani, was one of the most famous physicians of the XII century. Most of his life he served in Khoresm-shah Qutbuddin Muhammad ibn Anushtagin and his son.

Khorezmi Kasi (XI century) - Scientist-chemist. Abu-l-Hakim Muhammad ibn Abd al-Malik as-Sahli al-Khorazmi al-Kasi is a scientist and chemist of the XI century. The information about his biography and scientific activities are not much in literatures. Nisba of the author – Al Khorezmi al Kasi shows that he was born in Kasa, in the area near Khorezm.

Giyasiddin Jamshid ibn Mas’ud al- Qashi - ahead of time (1380-1430) - Temuryds' period is known with rapid development of science. Whole pleiad of great scientists lived and created in a great state of Amir Temur. Many of them have immortalized their names via making discoveries, significantly outstripping thinkers’ achievements not only in the East but also in the West.

Abu Sahl Masihi (970-971, Gurgan – 1011) - Astronomer, mathematician, physician, and linguis. Abu Sahl Isa ibn Yahya al-Masihi was born in the city of Gurgan in about 970-971. He was educated in Baghdad, and later in 995-997 he moved to Khorezm, where he lived up to the year of 1011.

Aby Mansur Qumri (X century, Bukhara city) - Prominent physician, teacher of Avicenna in medical science. Abu Mansur Hasan ibn Noh Qumri was born in early X century in Bukhara. He worked as a physician at court of the governors of Bukhara. Avicenna would frequently meet with Qumri and learned a lot from him attending his lessons.

Presentation of "Boburname" in Egypt - In the Embassy of our country in Cairo it was held a presentation of the Doctor of Philology of the University "Ain Shams" professor Majid Mahluf, which is titled "Boburname " in Arabic.

An international scientific conference will be held in Samarkand - On the 15-16th of May an international scientific conference on the theme "Historical heritage of the scientists and philosophers of the medieval East, its role and importance for the modern civilization" will be held in Samarkand.

Abul-Abbas Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn Kasir al Farghani (about 798-865) - Astronomer, mathematician, and engineer. The exact date of birth and death of Ahmad al Farghani is not known. It is obvious from his name that he is from Ferghana. In Western Europe he was recognized of Latin name - Alfraganus.

Abu Nasr Mansur ibn Iraq (mid of XI century, Khorezm, Ghazna). - Mathematician and astronomer. Abu Nasr Mansur ibn Iraq was born into a family of Khorezm shahs (governors of Khorezm) called Afrigides. Few biographical data have retained to date. It is known that in 995 he lived and worked in Kyat (now the city of Beruni) – the capital of Khorezm.

A Light from the East - An international academic conference “Historical Legacy of Scientists and Thinkers of the Mediaeval East, Its Role and Significance for the Modern Civilization” is to take place in Samarkand on 15-16 May 2014.

Abu Abdalloh Muhamad ibn Musa al Khorezmi (about 783–847) - Muhammad àl Khorezmi a scholar who made an invaluable contribution to the development for world science and made great discoveries. The bibliographical data had not been found. But, there are the facts that at the beginning of 800’s he was invited to Ma’mun ibn Haruna ar-Rashid court, the Baghdad Caliph’s viceroy in Khorasan, and by twenty years old he was well-known scientist, got his education in native Khorazm.

Yusuf Khas Hajib Balasaguni (1016/18 – the end of the XI c.) - Yusuf Khas Hajib was born in the capital city of Karakhanids Balasagun (now Kyrgyzstan) in the interval 1016-1018 gg. Facts about his biography is very scarce . What is known is that at age 50 in 1069/70 he completed his poem ”Kutadgu bilig” (”Knowledge of Grace” or “The Science of Happiness“), introduced her to the ruler of Kashgar, and was awarded the title ” Has Hajib ” – Minister of tsarist yard.

Symbol of Courage and Selflessness (source: ) - Amir Temur is an outstanding historical personality that affords a spiritual vigor to our national self-consciousness and that inspires us to bolster our national traditions and values, to cement such noble qualities distinct to our people as proclivity for constructive endeavor, selflessness in the name of welfare and prosperity of the native land, the sense of gratitude for the current happy days, and the confidence in the future. The life path of our great forefather who built a powerful state and left a rich practical and theoretical heritage in the development of Uzbek statehood, who opened a wide conduit for the advancement of science, culture, creativity, spirituality, is a school of invaluable experience for the contemporary generation.

In Tribute to the Great Poet (source: ) - An enlightenment event in tribute to the 573rd birthday anniversary of the great poet and thinker Alisher Navoi has taken place at the Alisher Navoi State Museum of Literature of Uzbekistan’s Academy of Sciences

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