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Uzbekistan: Fresh Vegetables and Fruits All Year Round

Last February, during his trip to Surkhandarya region, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev enquired into the activities of the agro-company, Gold Agro Fresh. The head of our state gave specific recommendations for the improvement of work carried out there. Within a short span of time, the construction of a modern greenhouse worth 35 million US dollars was completed.

“Who would have believed earlier that a greenhouse with an area of 100 hectares would emerge in the Termez district?” says Farhod Sherov, CEO of Gold Agro Fresh limited liability company. “It became possible owing to suitable soil and climatic conditions, availability of water, energy and other resources, necessary communications, support from the government. Currently, we grow tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, cauliflower and broccoli, as well as greens for making salads. All this is in great demand among the population. We supply fresh vegetables not only to the domestic market, but also export about two thousand tons of tomatoes.”

The head of state, when visiting the agrofirm, gave valuable advice on the introduction of new technologies and popularization of experience in other areas of the region, also noting the need to expand the types of farm products. Nowadays almost a thousand young people work in the greenhouse, who in practice master the basics of farming.

The President’s recent visit to Surkhandarya gave a new impetus to the implementation of novel projects, and the adopted resolution concentrated efforts on ensuring food security and saturating the consumer market with quality goods.

“To hone peculiar skills of caring for plants under the new conditions of a greenhouse, we have studied foreign experience,” shares the case manager Bahrom Khudoykulov. “For example, on 20 hectares we cultivate the arugula, a plant considered a useful and required ingredient in the preparation of salads. Under the world standards, it should grow only up to sixteen centimeters. 21.5 dollars is paid in the global market for each kilogram of such products. At present, we harvest every sixteen days and immediately ship to our foreign customers.”

It should be noted that the drip irrigation method is applied in the greenhouse. The system is computerized. And mineral fertilizers, necessary seedlings, are added to water. Irrigation specialist Bayramali Azimov, graduate of the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Land Reclamation, controls the entire process so that each plant receives the required amount of water and fertilizer.

Thirty-two hectares are allotted for tomatoes. Ripe vegetables are carefully collected, packed in boxes for shipment to Russia.

“We have our own trading house in Kazakhstan,” director Tolibjon Jabbarov informed us. “They willingly buy products grown under the hot sun of the Surkhan oasis, as well as in greenhouses. On the eve of the New Year, the partners ordered a large batch of tomatoes of a special kind of pink color. In addition, an agreement was concluded with the Russian company X-5 Retail Group for the supply of tomato paste.”

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)