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Government Program 2018: With an Eye to Public Opinion. The state program for the Year of Support for Active Entrepreneurship, Innovative Ideas and Technologies is to be adopted following public discussion.

The President of Uzbekistan signed an order on the development of the draft state program for the implementation of the Strategy of Actions along Five Priority Tracks for the Development of Uzbekistan in 2017-2021 in 2018, announced as the Year of Support for Active Entrepreneurship, Innovative Ideas and Technologies.

A joint working group has been formed to prepare the draft program, headed by State Advisor to the President, Otabek Murodov, who is tasked with conducting a critical analysis of the implementation of the Strategy for Action in 2017, the shortcomings and errors, the results of studies of public opinion, national and international experts, seminars and round tables.

The draft program should be prepared by January 5, 2018, then a wide public discussion should be organized between January 5 and January 15, including through its posting on the Internet. Based on the analysis of the results of public discussion and proposals received, a revised draft of the state program will be prepared by January 20. Recall, the Strategy of Action was also adopted after public discussion.

The head of state ordered during the development of the draft state program to pay special attention to the development of concrete measures for the implementation of priority tasks. So, it should be a logical continuation of the policy aimed at unconditional affirmation in the life of the noble idea “Not the people serve government bodies, but state agencies should serve the people”.

It should reflect practical measures to implement the principles “the people are the sole source and the author of laws”, “the most important decisions concerning the life of the country are taken on the basis of a direct dialogue with the people, taking into account the opinions of the public”.

The planned activities should be based on the results of a direct dialogue with the people, as well as provide for the solution of urgent problems that are of concern to the general population, practical steps to radically improve the situation in all spheres of public and state life.

Large-scale reforms and changes, first of all, should be aimed at improving people's well-being not in the distant future, but in the shortest possible time and really reflected in their daily lives.

The radical improvement and broad development of the system of rendering public services in the new conditions should become a priority direction ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of citizens.

Prosperous economic prosperity in the conditions of increasing global competition should be ensured through the transition to a model of innovative development, active introduction of innovations, new technologies, as well as support for progressive, modern-minded, enterprising citizens and entrepreneurs.

The activities to be developed should be result-oriented, have clear goals and implementation mechanisms, and are interlinked with measures taken under other programs.

It is expected that the state program 2018 will reflect the ideas and approaches voiced by the President in his Address to the Oliy Majlis.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)