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FREE ECONOMIC ZONES: Production of sheep wool lanolin substance - a valuable raw material for the pharmaceutical industry – is due to be established in the Baisun-Pharm free economic zone

Lanolin, which has the property of rapid absorption into the human skin, is considered an important crude for the pharmaceutical and perfume industry. In pharmaceutics, it is widely used as a binder in the manufacture of medicinal candles and ointments.

“This substance is produced in a few countries of the world. In the Baisun district, there is enough raw material for the production of high-quality, cheap lanolin substance,” says the head of the special industrial zone M. Ochilov. “Our businessmen, who studied this process abroad, expressed their desire to use modern technology in the Baisun district. From the first days of the new year, the implementation of the business project has begun. It will be a waste-free technology, and it will be used after the separation of lanolin from the wool of sheep for the production of felt for the national economy.”

Earlier, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev initiated the creation of seven free economic zones in the provinces of the country, to specialize in cultivating medicinal plant materials in special natural conditions and processing them. One of those FEZ is Baisun-Pharm.

All enterprises in the territory of the zone, depending on the volume of investment, are exempt – for various periods – from payment of land tax, profit tax, property tax of corporate entities, tax on improvement and development of social infrastructure, single tax payment for microfirms and small enterprises, as well as mandatory contributions in the target government funds. They were also granted a number of customs preferences.

The government also undertook all the expenditures related to the connection of each production site of the participants in the zone to the needed external road and transport and engineering and communication infrastructure.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)