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The government of Uzbekistan has been developing amenities for foreign citizens wishing to travel to the country, working on the issue of introducing the system of issuing electronic entry visas (E-Visa).

An electronic visa is a kind of know-how to replace an outdated procedure with the upholding of queues at the embassy and the expectation of a document familiar to many tourists. An electronic visa can be obtained exclusively online, which you can not do with a paper visa. That is, all questionnaires and documents are submitted through the Network. The procedure for obtaining it does not provide for any interviews with the consul and other things, which we call bureaucracy. It looks like this: you submit the necessary documents to the embassy, they are checked in the migration service of the country and return to you with a positive or negative decision. Another convincing argument in favor of such visas is the quick clearance procedure.

The system of electronic visas for today functions already in many countries. In particular, it has proved itself well in Azerbaijan, Georgia; their experience will be studied when implementing this technology in Uzbekistan.

Acquisition and installation of necessary equipment, development of special software products, as well as testing of the Electronic Visa system using the infrastructure of the existing biometric passport system of the Republic of Uzbekistan is planned to be completed this summer.

The introduction of the e-visa issuance system will require simplification of the visa regime in force in the country. As a result, the issuance of electronic visas to citizens will be carried out at the airports of the country in accordance with written applications submitted by foreign citizens in the process of processing documents for obtaining entry visas, and regardless of the presence of the diplomatic representation of Uzbekistan in the country where the clearance process takes place.

It is assumed that all payments for obtaining an electronic visa can be made with the help of international payment systems Visa and MasterCard.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)