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TOURISM: Andijan Forests Calling

Rest in the woods... “This is not about Uzbekistan”, many will think. However, the experts of the State Committee for Tourism Development direct spotlight to the Andijan region. That is where there is everything to realize this idea. Four of the five recommended places for tourists to rest in this part of the country are in dense forests, while each has its own zest.

Take, for example, the village of Mantak, the Tosh-ota mahalla and the village of Imom-ota of the Khojaabad district. These wooded places will be attractive for those who are interested in pilgrim tourism. This trip promises to be filled with tales of numerous legends and folklore associated with the shrines located here.

Historical and pilgrim tourism is developed in the recreation area of Boghishamol, Andijan district. But this point is chosen by lovers of extreme and thrill. Here, all the splendor of the forests can be seen from the cable car located at an altitude of 350 meters from the ground.

For those who want to give their trip through the forests a substance of sensations from a series of gastronomic, agritourism and ecotourism, it is worth paying attention to the Bulakbashi district and its recreation area in the village of Shirmonbulok. Here you are sure to be offered a legendary pilaf from a special brownish rice variety – devzira, and other dishes cooked in accordance with distinct Andijan recipe.

Travel of similar content, but without a forest, is quite possible if you go to Balykchi district and its resorts in the villages of Balykchi, Kul mahalla, Guliston - Mirzaboshichek mahalla.

Fans of ecotourism, health tourism and forests will be interested in recreation areas Khontogh and Pozilmon-ota of Khanabad area. These places are famous for rare tree species.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)