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Uzbekistan: Reflecting People’s Concerns, Aspirations

The draft state program for the implementation of the Strategy for Action in the Year of Support for Active Entrepreneurship, Innovative Ideas and Technologies is widely studied and discussed by the public of our country.

The document reflects people’s concerns and problems. Each item of the project is aimed at noble goals serving the interests of the people. Our compatriots, supporting the strengthening of the protection of the rights of citizens, put forward their proposals.

This was stated at a briefing organized at the Center for Development Strategy devoted to the discussion of the priority areas for ensuring the rule of law and further reforming the judicial and legal system included in the draft state program.

The draft State Program out of 237 points reflected ideas and attitudes voiced by the President of Uzbekistan in the Address to Oliy Majlis of December 22, 2017, as well as tasks identified in the Strategy of Action.

At the event, in particular, it was noted that the activities of the courts are being improved. However, citizens are not yet fully using the courts to protect their rights. The draft State Program provides practical measures to ensure the true independence of the court. Step-by-step work is being carried out on the basis of the Action Strategy, and it began to yield results. Over the past six months since the creation of a single judicial system, the Supreme Court has introduced more than 10 bills to the parliament. Three of them are drafts of new codes; they are approved by the Senate. Consistent improvement of the legislation will ensure that the judge is subject only to the law, the inviolability of his independence. Approval of candidacy for the position of a judge, taking into account the opinion of the public, will ensure transparency in the system.

- To ensure the interests of citizens, they must know their rights well. To this end, the system of rendering legal assistance to the justice bodies this year will be improved, - said the First Deputy Minister of Justice N. Juraev. - For example, in many cases, lawyers are engaged in the protection of the rights of citizens and legal entities only in court. We will expand their legal protection activities. They will work in legal services, provide consulting services to entrepreneurs. The scale of training of legal personnel will be expanded. Modern methods of disseminating legal information, including through the Internet, social networks, are useful to people. Therefore, such work will be further expanded with the introduction of an online consultation system.

- The propiska (police registration) remains a topical issue. As defined in the draft State Program, in this issue will be created convenience for citizens, - said the first deputy chief migration and citizenship department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs U. Toshkhujaev. - Currently, there is a practice of temporary registration of citizens on the basis of a lease agreement. However, this leads to red tape, loss of time and money. In this respect, simplifications will be introduced for citizens. But completely to refuse a registration it is impossible yet. This requires a lot of preparatory work. The balanced social and economic development of all regions will in and of itself eliminate this problem. It is planned to begin work on the introduction of ID-cards widely used in international practice, further improvement of the current passport.

(Source: «Uzbekistan Today» newspaper)